Unspeakable States of Being (no wind)

from by Rodney Jones



Out beyond the boundaries of what man thinks is possible, what the mind defines as truth, is a vast region of being. This landscape is imbued with the very life-force Itself. There is nothing to describe It for it exists beyond the ken of the man. I hear the echoes of this place within my being when I return to the waking state. This music is my remembrance of the resonance of this state of being. I share it here for those that are afriad of death and say this is what awaits…a vast world of God’s love. I share it with those who have lost belief in something more and say, listen..perhaps you will find a sign pointing to the magnetic north of God. This music is a portal and window, a location point in the infinity of being. If you close you eyes and open your heart, you just may find yourself there, the “there” which is inside of you already.

I’ll see you there…where we meet.

With all the love there is...

- Rodney

Unspeakable States of Being - (no wind)

Preview from “The Lux Aeterna.” Fall 2017


from The Lux Aeterna, released June 19, 2017



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Rodney Jones New York, New York

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