The Lux Aeterna

from by Rodney Jones



In the dream I found myself at the edge of the physical universe. This was the area of the supra-physical. A finer expression of the physical universe. There was a large planet or what seemed like a planet. It was aglow with a consciousness so enlightened, so beautiful. There was a calling, a haunting sound that I could hear or perhaps feel is a better word. These were beings of a deep love and brilliant light. Inwardly I asked, "Who are you?" Upon the wisps of clouds a voice replied, "We are the Lux Aeterna". The words, the love, washed over and through me. As I woke up I looked up Lux Aeterna. Here is what I found:

Lux Aeterna, Latin for "eternal light"

This is my best recall of the sound that I heard and the resonance within of that experience. I will never forget them.

With all the love there is...

- Rodney


from The Lux Aeterna, released June 19, 2017



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Rodney Jones New York, New York

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